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Mary Oliver, excerpt from “White Heron Rises Over Blackwater” (via larmoyante)
He is exactly the poem I wanted to write.

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“She’s a recluse, so every day I need to take her out. She lives in Seoul, yet this is her first time coming out to a place like this. She likes things like reptiles and bugs, so we came here with an alligator stuffed animal as well. Hey! Why do you keep hiding? By the way, she’s particularly good at catching flies.”

“이 누나가 히키코모리라서 제가 맨날 끌고 나와요. 서울 사는 데 이런 데는 처음 와 본대요. 이 누나가 파충류, 곤충, 이런 걸 좋아해서 악어 인형도 같이 들고 왔어요. 누나! 왜 자꾸 피해. 아참 이 누나 특기가 파리 잡기예요.”


And they lived happily ever after in the land of denial that is my headcanon.

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Rentaneko (2012)

A poetic and wistful depiction of loneliness. 

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