“In our home we have an implicit rule that if anyone in our family fights it cannot be longer than an hour. If we fight, we each go to our own rooms,and after 30 minutes has passed we meet again in the living room. Once we all come out someone always makes some joke; everyone starts laughing and the mood is lightened.”
“What sort of joke does someone usually make?”
“One of us will say something to our mom like, ‘Madam, you have lost weight’. Truthfully she hasn’t lost any weight at all, but it makes our mom smile.”

“저희 집은 가족끼리 싸우면 무조건 1시간을 넘지 말자는 암묵적인 규칙이 있어요. 싸우면 각자 방으로 가는데 30분을 못 넘기고 다시 거실로 모여요. 이 때 항상 누구 한 명이 장난을 치죠. 그럼 웃음이 나와서 분위기가 다 풀려요.”
“보통 어떤 장난을 치나요?”
“엄마한테 ‘장여사 살 빠졌어’라고 말해요. 사실 살이 하나도 안 빠졌는데. 그러면 엄마가 웃어요.“


“She’s a recluse, so every day I need to take her out. She lives in Seoul, yet this is her first time coming out to a place like this. She likes things like reptiles and bugs, so we came here with an alligator stuffed animal as well. Hey! Why do you keep hiding? By the way, she’s particularly good at catching flies.”

“이 누나가 히키코모리라서 제가 맨날 끌고 나와요. 서울 사는 데 이런 데는 처음 와 본대요. 이 누나가 파충류, 곤충, 이런 걸 좋아해서 악어 인형도 같이 들고 왔어요. 누나! 왜 자꾸 피해. 아참 이 누나 특기가 파리 잡기예요.”


And they lived happily ever after in the land of denial that is my headcanon.

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Rentaneko (2012)

A poetic and wistful depiction of loneliness. 

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Kris is my only Canadian friend. He’s my Chinese Canadian friend. When I’m studying English, Kris helps out a lot. He said to pay him 50,000won per hour for tutoring me. (laughs) He’s a good friend. Because he is EXO-M’s leader, when we promote as a team of EXO, he becomes of great strength to me. Kris has never opposed to anything I have said and has never put out an opposing suggestion. Thank you for trusting me and because he has a big frame, I feel he is dependable.” - Kim Suho


Baekhyun: *lies down*
Kyungsoo: who left trash on the floor

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